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Russia 2018 3 rubles Frog Princess


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Russia 2017 3 rubles  Series «Legends and Folktales» Frog Princess  31.10g Silver coin
Россия 2017 3 рубля Серия «Легенды и сказки народов России» Царевна-лягушка 31.10г серебро монета


Country Russia 
Year 2017
Face value 3 rubles
Metal Silver .925
Weight 1oz (31,10g) 
Size/ Diameter Diameter 39mm
Quality PROOF
Mintage 5000
S/N random


The Frog Princess is a fairy tale that has multiple versions with various origins.

Russian variants include the Frog Princess or Tsarevna Frog (Царевна Лягушка, Tsarevna Lyagushka) and also Vasilisa the Wise (Василиса Премудрая, Vasilisa Premudraya); Alexander Afanasyev collected variants in his Russian Folk Tales. Andrew Lang included an Italian variant titled The Frog in The Violet Fairy Book. Italo Calvino included another Italian variant from Piedmont, The Prince Who Married a Frog, in Italian Folktales, where he noted that the tale was common throughout Europe. Georgios A. Megas included a Greek variant, The Enchanted Lake, in Folktales of Greece.

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