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Niue 2012 1 Dollar Codex of Albrecht Durer 1Kg Silver Set coins ARTNIUE0059


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Niue 2012  1 Dollar Codex of Albrecht Durer 1Kg  Silver Set 24 coins
Ниуэ 2012 1 Доллар Кодекс Альбрехта Дюрера 1кг серебро набор 24 монет


Country Niue
Year 2012
Face value 1 Dollar 
Metal Silver .999
Weight 1000g
Size  166.8 x 240mm
Quality PROOF
Mintage 300
S/N Random


Coin with incomparable beauty and value makes a perfect homage to the central figure in the German Renaissance, Albrecht Dürer, a painter and graphic artist, one of the most outstanding personalities in the history of art. This spectacular over 1 kg coin consists of 24 edgeless color-printed bars, which all put together to form one coin unit.
This opera commemorates one of the most genius men who has ever lived. The product consists of 24 edgeless color-printed silver bars that come together to one large coin. The following sketches are reproduced on the coin: Dürer Coat of Arms (1523), Adam & Eve (1504), Melencolia I (1514), The Southern Hemisphere (1515), The Sun of Justice (1499), Praying Hands (1508), Small Triumphal Car (1508), Hercules kills the birds symbolic (1520), Apollo with Solar Disc (1504), Praying Hands (1508), Hands of Christ (1506), Madonna with music making Angel (1519), Nemesis (1502), Praying Hands (1508) 16 -Madonna on the Crescent (1498-1500), Rhinoceros (1515), Two Lions (1520), Abduction (1516),Nude Woman with Zodiac (1502), Small Horse (1505), Agony in the garden (1508), Saint George (1505), St. Peter & St. John healing the Cripple (1513).



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