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Cook Islands 2015 20 dollars Masterpieces of Art Golden Throne COKISLDART0029


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Cook Islands 2015 25/20 dollars Masterpieces of Art - Masterpieces of Art GOLDEN THRONE silver 93.3g gold 7.09g coin
Острова Кука 2015 25/20 Долларов Шедевры искусства Золотой трон Тутанхамона серебро 93.30г золото 7.09г монета


Country Cook Islands
Year 2015
Face value 20 & 25 Dollars
Metal Silver .999  3 Oz (93.3g) 
Metal Gold.999 1\4 Oz  
Size/ Diameter Diameter 55 mm
Quality PROOF
Mintage 999
S/N random


The backrest of the Golden Throne of Tutankhamen looks exactly like this gold coin. Extremely detailed color applications and a Rhodium finishing make the coin look very authentic. The motif shows the famous Pharaoh Tutankhamen and his wife Anchesenamun. The Throne was found by Howard Carter in 1922 in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.
Each collection has a replica of the golden Throne included. The 24k gilded throne shows the collector how the whole throne looks in total. Here you can see that the two lion heads were at the end of the seat. The Throne is secured in a small carton with a transparent plastic lid.
A very special thing about the Masterpiece’s of Art series is the fact that there are real Swarovski® crystals inserted in the coin. The 24 stones look like a shiny frame for the gold bar. This is the first time that there is a highlight crystal in the middle of the top of the frame. And it is also the first time that the Swarovski® crystal frame itself has a gold application. 



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