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Cook Islands 2013 20 Dollars Masterpieces of Art Virgin of Vladimir silver 93.3g gold 7.09g coin




Cook Islands 2013  20 Dollars Masterpieces of Art Virgin of Vladimir Masterpieces silver 93.3g gold 7.09g coin
Острова Кука 2013 20 Долларов Владимирская Божья Матерь 93.30г золото 7.09г монета 


Country Cook Islands
Year 2013
Face value 20 Dollars
Metal Silver .999  3 Oz (93.3g) 
Metal Gold.999 1\4 Oz  
Size/ Diameter Diameter 55 mm
Quality PROOF
Mintage 999
S/N random


This eye-catching entry in the Masterpieces of Art series by the Cook Islands is going to be very successful with collectors, no doubt due to the beautiful design, 26 Swarovski Elements, and an extremely limited mintage. It has been struck as a tribute to the Virgin of Vladimir, one of the most ancient miraculous Orthodox icons.
An effigy of Queen Elizabeth II is represented on the obverse of the silver and gold coin. There are also inscriptions indicating the name of the Queen, the coin’s face value, and the name of the issuing country.
Shown on the reverse of the coin is the finely crafted image of the Virgin of Vladimir icon embellished with genuine Swarovski Crystals. Painted by an anonymous Byzantine iconographer in the style of the Macedonian period (857 - 1056 AD), the icon has been present at a great many political events in Russian history and is famous for many miraculous interventions. Along the rim of the coin, there are inscriptions indicating the name of the coin and that of the series. Now, you have the unique opportunity to purchase this 3 ounces pure silver and 1/4 ounce pure gold masterpiece of the year 2013!
This issue is part of the popular series of 3 ounces Swarovski crystal insert silver coins with beautiful pad color printing of classical masterpieces of art.
This is the fifth issue to feature a pure gold insert featuring the actual artwork itself, after the Mona Lisa (2009), Vitruvian Man (2010), Tutankhamun (2011), and Bust of Nefertite (2012). The gold insert is surrounded by 26 inset Swarovski crystals and is individually numbered on the back.





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